DÜÜD AERO-Gravity Keychain-For Men who ramp it up!

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DÜÜD AERO-Gravity Keychain-For Men who ramp it up! AERO (Altitude, Energy, Recreate and Outdoor). Designed to resemble a ramp, this handcrafted men's keychain feels good in your hand and light in your pocket.  

  • This super-lightweight hand-forged aluminum keychain measures: 2 1/2 long, 3/4 width, 3/4 high, 1/8 thick (inches).

  • Since each keychain is handmade, measurements are approximate within 1/4 inch.

  • Constructed of reclaimed aluminum with brush/matte finish.

  • Keychain ring is USA Military surplus.

As I'm sure most men have, young and old, I have many "ramp" stories.  This piece encompasses all those thrills, adrenaline and free-flight trips. Ramps are the most shared commonality in extreme sports:

Skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing (snow/water), auto, motorcycle, BMX, Motocross, RallyCross, inline skating and mountain biking. 

For a limited time, DUUDstuff.com will donate $5.00 to The Ocean Cleanup for every keychain purchased before December 31.